Photo courtesy of Jason Hochstadt. 

Who are you, anyway?

Hi! I'm Kristen. I'm a freelance photographer based out of Seattle, Washington. I first fell in love with photography at the age of 15, clumsily stumbling around my high school's darkroom. 16 years and 4 states later, I'm just as in love with the art and lucky enough to live in a city that never ceases to inspire me.

What do you shoot? 

While I'm known to take advantage of a good vista when out exploring, I mostly shoot people. From the young to the old to everyone in between, I enjoy capturing moments and interactions that might otherwise be forgotten. In addition to people, I also have ample experience with and am more than happy to photograph your 4 legged family members.

How are you to work with?

Clients find me to be very laid back but not lacking energy. While I'm definitely pretty easygoing, I'm still a perfectionist. This means I'll take as many pictures as I feel is necessary to assure that I've gotten "the shot." For me, the best part of the job is handing over the memory to my clients. Additionally, communication is extremely important to me. If you have a best side, preferred angle, or hate certain types of photos, let me know! If you're not happy, neither am I.

Stylistically, I prefer an organic, fly on the wall approach. I'd much rather observe a scene and let it unfold rather than create my own. I enjoy using the setting and feed off the energy of that setting, be it outdoors or indoors. For me, the best photographs are the ones that convey not only a moment, but the mood of that moment. After all, the most powerful part of a picture is remembering how you felt at the time it was taken.

Location, location, location!

While I'm based out of Seattle, I'm happy to travel to you! No matter where I am, I usually prefer that my clients select locations that are important to them. If you're looking for some place new or are new to the area though, I'm always happy to help. Please note that I shoot at outdoor and site locations only, and am not available for studio work at this time.

What else makes you tick?

I love to be outdoors as much as possible, and that's primarily what inspires me in my day to day life. I'm a big parks lover, a pit bull advocate, and a strong believer in community involvement. I also enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and can spend hours just working away at a dish or pastry. When needed, I donate my photography skills to Lady's Hope Dog Rescue, a non-profit animal rescue located in Seattle, WA.